Access Services is a public transit agency dedicated to providing quality transportation for people with disabilities in Los Angeles County. Their services and programs are mandated by the Americans with Disibilites Act (ADA).

Access partnered with TAP to create the Access TAP ReadyCARD. Now, if you are deemed eligible* for Access, you will be issued an Access TAP ReadyCARD as your Access Rider ID Card. That means you'll be able to load money on your card and use it to pay for a ride instead of using tokens or coupons, plus pay at your favorite stores, shop online or over-the-phone, or pay bills without money orders.

To learn more about Access, visit their website or call the Access Customer Support Center at 800.827.0829, TDD 800.827.1359.

* Eligibility for Access is based on a person's functional ability to use accessible buses and trains in Los Angeles County. This ability level is determined through an in-person evaluation.